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For over 70 years, European, Asian and American college students have been travelling abroad in a way of enriching themselves as global citizens and learn about the World and cultures different than their own. What started in the 40’s as a way of knowing “the other” from inside, has become a world on its own, meaning hundreds of different opportunities for students to live & learn abroad. But contrary to this evolution and growth, professionals of International Education have barely received specific education or training in their tasks and missions, meaning unprepared staff that learn through experience.

We now have a well prepared body of professionals that can work as instructors for those who want to devote their lives to the International Education field and serve as bridges between cultures.


These courses are addressed to professionals or candidates interested in knowing more about the Intercultural Education (IE) specifics in Spain. Previous experience is not needed, although the course for teachers is focused on USA teacher students in their last years of studies. Through specific subjects, participants will learn more about the day to day specifics of a IE program in Spain in order to better teach and advise their own students and enhance their Intercultural Competence.

Although classes will be held in English, some level of Spanish is necessary for daily activities. Extra Spanish language classes can be offered upon request.

Students should expect to enjoy an experience that is the closest possible to the IE students’, so an open mind and low expectations are desirable.

Cultural translator

3 weeks


Spring’19: March 18 to April 7

Cost: 4.995€

Teacher development

12 weeks


Spring’19: January 7 to April 7

 Cost: 11.995€

Cultural adjustment activities

Masterclass, workshops, meetings, courses and other activities addressed to expatriates new to our country or Spaniards who are going to work abroad. Among others, we organize:

  • Cultural orientation in the host city
  • Spanish clases, all levels
  • Meetings and visits with different companies
  • Cultural bridging sessions
  • Interculturality workshops
  • Expatriates education and continuous guidance

Our activities are tailor-made and cover all companies sectors and nationalities.

Dates can be customized upon request


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Amalia Herencia Grillo

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