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Study abroad professionals

Study Abroad need professionals who are well aware of what living in a different culture means. Investing in faculty and administrators involved in Study Abroad is a way to enhance students’ perspectives and help them get the most of their experience in a foreign country.

Teachers and Pre-service teachers

One of the main challenges of globalization with regards to education is the need to maximize intercultural learning for prospective teachers. Training professionals who will be in charge of  educating our kids in the future about the World we live in and about how to be a global citizen is a very important task that needs attention.

International education scholars

International and Intercultural Education is a growing market that is more and more in demand of specialized professionals who can guide students from all countries throughout their cross-cultural experiences. Learning how to interact with students from different countries offers an opportunity for professional development and unique skills to break the global knowledge gap.

Our programs


Join our curriculum-based courses specifically designed for USA Study Abroad professionals and Pre-service teachers and teachers. If you are currently working with students, our syllabus include all you need to know in order to better advice your home students who want to go on a overseas program. If you are a pre-service teacher or teacher in the USA, our 12 week program will give you a better insight of what teaching in a culturally diverse classroom.


La educación internacional es cada vez más una realidad que necesita de profesionales formados y cualificados. A través de nuestros cursos podrás conocer diferentes aspectos de la comunicación intercultural y aprenderás los detalles esenciales para poder trabajar en programas de movilidad, con alumnos extranjeros, en academias de idiomas, y mejorar tu propia competencia intercultural y tu conocimiento global.


When you are overseas with your family and a group of students from another country, nothing puts you more at ease than having an experienced ¨umbrella organization” to help you navigate daily adventures and possible catastrophes. But such companies are just a name if they don’t have a human, reliable, and professional face to back it all up. If that person is friendly, reliable, understanding, and always treats you like a human being, rather than the occasional client, then you have probably met Amalia. This is the way she made my family and my students feel in Seville during the spring of 2013 under SSA. She was always there for us, she was always honest, she was always professional, and we never felt like a number.

Juan Carlos Toledano

Assoc. Professor of Hispanic Studies, Lewis & Clark College

Amalia’s exposure to English and American culture is just as valuable as her deep understanding of the Spanish language and people. She knows where the two cultures diverge, run parallel and crash into each other. She has an explanation for everything–if not a funny story too. Amalia’s passion for intercultural study and understanding was infectious, and I’m grateful for her mentorship and all she invested in developing my cultural fluency.

Michael McGuire

Student, University of Virginia School of Law

Amalia Herencia Grillo is an exceptional partner in the field of international education.  I collaborated with Amalia on a six-credit study abroad program to Andalucía with a group of students from Eastern Mennonite University.  She directed our curriculum, host families, excursions, volunteer placements and all other group needs.  Her expertise in intercultural education, curriculum development, risk management, and higher education is top notch.  I look forward to future collaborations with Amalia and highly recommend her to others looking for a partner in Sevilla!

Dr. Jason Good

Director of Study Abroad, James Madison University


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